Honoring AAPC’s Formal Ending & Jerry Smith’s Contributions

At a gathering Sunday, May 19th, 2019, former members and friends of American Association of Pastoral Counselors and AAPC Northwest met to acknowledge the formal ending of both organizations. About thirty people came to the home of Marcia Matthaei, who hosted the gathering. Counselors and friends shared stories and spoke of the profound importance of AAPC to them in their professional growth and spiritual journey. Together we grieved this ending, this turning of the times. Read AAPC Oregon member Jon Nestor’s reflections regarding his experiences with the organization.

Paul Shoup represented AAPC NW. Jerry Smith represented Washington Pastoral Counselors Association, the group that remains, and will continue to be the vehicle to gather people desiring to fellowship together and support each other, to deepen and to grow.

Former members of AAPC desiring to maintain membership in a comparable professional organization may explore joining the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education:  https://www.acpe.edu/ACPE/Psychotherapy


Also at this gathering, The Reverend Dr. Jerry Smith, Th.D. was honored for his many years of elegant
contributions to the craft of pastoral counseling in this region. Stories and much love were
shared, a reading presented, (see below) and a plaque given to Jerry.

Quote from Teresa of Avila

“There is a secret place.
A radiant sanctuary.
As real as your own kitchen.
More real than that.
Constructed of the purest elements.
Overflowing with the ten thousand beautiful things.
Worlds within worlds.
Forests, rivers.
Velvet coverlets thrown over featherbeds, fountains bubbling beneath a canopy of stars.
Bountiful forests, universal libraries.
A wine cellar offering an intoxication so sweet you will never be sober again.
A clarity so complete you will never again forget.
This magnificent refuge is inside you.
Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway…
Believe the incredible truth that the Beloved has chosen for [Her] dwelling place,
the core of your own being, because that is the single most beautiful place in all of creation.”